Meet Sara!

Sara is a 20 year old girl from Pittstown, New Jersey. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction (CIPO) and Gastroparesis. These conditions are so severe she is considered to be in intestinal failure. She is fed overnight straight into her heart with Total Parenteral Nutriton (IV nutrition). She has to drain her stomach 24/7 because her body is unable to contain its own digestive contents. Without the bag draining her stomach, she will throw up, sometimes over 60 times a day even on a completely empty stomach. She had major abdominal surgery in December 2014. During this surgery her doctors placed and Ileostomy, a Jejunal feeding tube, and an appendicostomy (or MACE). This all involved the repositioning of her appendix, and re-routing the path of her intestines in attempt to help things function better. There are only about 150 cases diagnosed a year worldwide and there is no cure. Symptoms can be managed, but this usually requires very invasive surgeries and expensive medications that often are not covered by insurance. Sara lives every day with severe pain and constant nausea. She has good days and bad days. Sometimes she can behave like a normal 19 year old girl, and other times she is so sick she can’t even get out of bed. CIPO is a complex, rare, horrible disease that gets minimal funding and little awareness. She has set out to form Sara’s Army, a nonprofit organization created to raise awareness and funding for her own medical 
treatments as well as research towards a cure for this disease. 

For more information on CIPO please click here.