Meet The Team!

Meet your Sara's Army Board of Directors: 
The Sara's Army board consists of people near and dear to Sara's heart. Without the work, encouragement and support of the board Sara's Army would not exist! Below please meet the team.; the people who answers your emails, run the website and so much more! 

Tori Linzer: 
Meet Tori! Tori and Sara have been very close friends for many years. They met in 4th grade playing softball. Tori is the Vice President of Sara's Army and works closely with Sara to run fundraisers and coordinate events as well as manage donations and deliver bracelets! 

Kaitlyn Pellicano: 
Meet Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn and Sara attended school together at MSMA. Although she is currently attending school in Philadelphia she is a vital part of the Sara's Army Team. Kaitlyn is the Director of Multimedia so she manages our website as well as our Facebook page, and is responsible for watching our email account. If it weren't for her the website would not be running, and you would not be able to receive all these lovely updates! 

Stephanie Lee: 
Meet Steph! Steph also attended school with Sara at MSMA. Similarly to Kaitlyn, Steph is attending school in New York. Steph is also a hard working member of the Sara's Army Board. She is Director of Graphics, meaning that our logo, and any designs having to do with Sara's Army came from her pencil! Be on the lookout for Steph's t-shirt designs - coming soon! 

To contact any member of the board email: